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Bike & Buggy

The ideal way to transport those young ones that are too big for a baby seat but not yet able to ride a bike or have the confidence to go on the Tagalong. The Buggy can carry up to 2 children with a combined weight of 38kg. It comes with a clear plastic cover that shields the sides and one in the front that can be pulled down if it gets too cold and also a fine mesh screen that will screen them from the sun and insects but still let them see what is happening. The children are held in place with seat belt type restraints. The price of a buggy (up to 2 children) is $20.00.

Bike & Tagalong

This is for those that have the balance and confidence but are not quite ready to cycle by themselves. They are able to cycle if they wish or just sit back and let either mum or dad do the hard work.The price of a tag-a-long bicycle is $20.00.

Bike & Babyseat

This is ideal for those babes that are used to riding with mum or dad. The Baby Seat is generally suitable for those over the age of 2 years to 12 months.The price of a baby seat is $10.00.

Bike Ranges

This is an example of the some of the bicycle that we operate. We have a wide range of bikes commencing with 16" through to 20", 24" and 26" wheels. We also have a range of frame sizes from small through to extra large that should just about suit anyone.We offer a range of mountain bikes etc at competitive rates. Up to 4 hours $20.00 ,Over 4 hours and up to 8 hours $30.00.

Group Bookings

We have the ability to cater for Group Bookings of up to 25 people, depending on the sex and heights of the riders. Enquiries regarding Group Bookings are requested as far as possible in advance to the day of hire.

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