Summer in Clare is beautiful but can sometimes get quite hot during the day!

So we have started Twilight Cycling!  But what is Twilight Cycling?

Twilight cycling was inspired by Twilight golf – the aim is to commence the activity late enough to beat the heat of the day, but early enough to enjoy the late afternoon hours of extended daylight!

So, we are renting bikes from our Riesling Trail Premises at 56 Warenda Rd, Clare from 4.30pm until Dusk (at least 4 hours!!).

Whilst, most Cellar Doors are closed after 5pm, there are plenty of food and drink options still available during Twilight, along the Trail and in the townships. Not to mention that it’s a great time to take your own picnic!

So COME AND TRY TWILIGHT CYCLING – you’ll love it !!

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